2015 Spring Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir

Brilliant strawberry and cherry with hints of raspberry, orange Pekoe tea, and spices. Ultra-plush tannins lead to a super dense palate.

Harvest Date: 9.9.2015
Skin contact: 24 days
Barrel time: 18 months in 50% new French Oak – Damy Rouge
Production: 100 cases

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Vineyard Notes

38°13’22.1″N 122°41’36.9″W
Spring Hill Vineyard – Petaluma Gap

 Soil: Los Osos clay loam, Steinbeck loam
Elevation: 500′ elevation
Growing Degree Days: 2600

– Lots of afternoon breezes keep vineyard cool
– .8 tons/acre
– Slope: 8-12%
– No Spring watering with minimal Fall watering
– Rows run north/south