Our Winemaking Philosophy

The dream to make wine can start in a garage, in a bathtub (we’ve heard of weirder places), or in a closet. The desire to make wine can come after sharing table wine in another country surrounded by strangers-turned-friends. For some, the journey starts when the first thimble-sized taste is offered in young adulthood. However that curiosity is sparked, there is so much more to winemaking than meets the palate.

What does it take to make great wine?

In our world, nothing great ever happens overnight. To make truly outstanding wine, initial curiosity must be accompanied by knowledge, intuition, loving hands, a little obsession, and a lot of experience. It takes years of learning, growing, barrel aging, and time in the bottle to create something magical, and winemaker Robert Schermeister is proud to bring his skill and patience to the table.

Our wines are native fermented, unfiltered, unfined, and sustainably farmed.

After six years of assisting other expert winemakers, Robert developed his craft of native fermentation, which uses wild yeasts that naturally live and thrive on grapes and in vineyards. These yeasts are finicky and unpredictable but, when understood and honored in the cellar, create a level of complexity in wine that is impressive. Native yeasts give our wines big aroma, more flavor, and supple texture. We also work with our growers in the vineyard using sustainable practices and zero pesticides. Our wines are unfined and unfiltered, making them vegan-friendly with no animal by-products used in our process.

We never add any adjuncts or lab-created yeasts to our wines, ever.

We believe that wine uplifts our relationships with others.

We love wine, and we love bringing people together with it. We’ve experienced stories, laughter, and so much joy all with our wines front and center. Wine awakens our senses, encourages relaxation, and enlivens conversation. Guests, members, and friends can feel our excitement and passion when we talk about our wines, which means that we are bringing happiness to every experience. It is an honor to share this with others, turning tasters into true believers of something great.