2016 Hendricks Vineyard Rosé of Syrah


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This rosé is a knockout before it even hits your palate. Gorgeous jewel tones swirl in the glass, releasing aromas of bright cherries and warm vanilla with a light touch of herbaceous thyme to round out the nose. Its texture is smooth and creamy due to the unfiltered process by which this rosé was made. Rosemary is subtly present on the palate, complemented by fresh peach and white lily.

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Production Notes

Clone 877 Syrah
Harvest Date 9.14.2016

Barrel Time
5 Months in 1-year Damy Oak

Skin Contact
22 hours

55 cases

The Hendricks Vineyard

38°09’60.0″N 122°30’39.7″W



  Soil | Haire gravelly loam – 4% slope • Elevation | 40 feet • Growing Degree Days | 2900
Well-drained soil with an average low of 50 degrees and high of 77 degrees during growing season