The 2013 Scavenger Syrah has sold out.
Look for our next 2016 vintage release in winter 2018.

Schermeister Winery’s Scavenger was born out of a desire to do a side project just for fun. We came upon some amazing Syrah fruit for the 2013 harvest so we decided to make a new label that was unique from our classic Schermeister wines. Laura’s passion for birds and involvement with their conservation played a major part in what this wine has come to be. Our model bird of course had to be the California Condor, known for its eerie gaze and top position on the list of endangered species of North America.

20% of all Scavenger sales go to
International Bird Rescue,

a non-profit organization that we truly believe in. Their people work countless hours rehabilitating birds and releasing them into the wild to continue the success of their species. We are so excited to be able to give back to our community in such a beautiful and harmonious way.